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Bankruptcy Lawyers IN WA STATE

Bankruptcy offers immediate relief from the overwhelming situation caused by your finances. The key to your success will be your choice of knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyers who can advise you about the types of bankruptcy available to you and the effect they will have in your situation. The Brumley team will quickly put our expertise to work and give you the opportunity for a fresh start.

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Brumley in Bankruptcy Law

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Bankruptcy offers immediate relief from the profound stress that can be caused by an untenable financial situation. Bankruptcy can halt a foreclosure on your house, stop repossession of your vehicle, and end garnishment of your wages and other collection actions. While these benefits sound promising, it is of utmost importance that you are fully informed about what Bankruptcy can and cannot do for you before you proceed with filing. Knowledgeable Bankruptcy lawyers can help you understand if Bankruptcy is right for you and advise you about the different types of bankruptcy available to you as well as the effect that each of them will have on your individual situation.

Bankruptcy can be quite complicated and your finances and property rights are at stake. The courts strongly recommend consulting a Bankruptcy attorney prior to filing. Our experienced lawyers will ensure that your Bankruptcy is correctly filed and processed while working diligently to protect you and your financial health. The Brumley team will quickly put our expertise to work to give you the opportunity for a fresh start and new found peace of mind.

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Types of
Bankruptcy Law Cases

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Discharge Consumer Debt

  • Small Business Bankruptcy/ Non-Consumer Debt

  • Non-Dischargeable Debts

  • Improving your Credit Report

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • Reorganization of Debt, Reduce your Monthly Payments

  • Stop Foreclosure, Keep your Home

  • Stop Repossession, Keep your Vehicle

  • Protection from Lawsuits, Wage Garnishment, Creditor Harassment

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

  • Reorganization of Business Debt

  • Debtor in Possession, Retain Control of your Business

  • Reorganization Plans and Confirmation

  • Involuntary Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

  • Family-Run Farms

  • Family Fishing Businesses

  • Individuals or Corporations and Partnerships

  • Reorganization of Debt

Bankruptcy can provide immediate relief from collection actions that may be causing you distress. While it can be quite beneficial, it is also a complex legal process with many facets to be considered including the long term financial and legal consequences that may occur.

While only an attorney can give you legal advice, it is important to choose an attorney with expertise in Bankruptcy who will work diligently to protect your priorities such as your home, automobile,  retirement accounts and personal property.

We are ready to assist you in this process and ensure that you fulfill all the requirements of the Bankruptcy Code including Credit Counseling and Financial Management and necessary financial disclosure documentation as well as choosing the most appropriate type of Bankruptcy for your individual needs.

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Our dedicated team of Bankruptcy attorneys will guide you through this process and work diligently to alleviate your stress concerning your current financial situation. Contact us now to discuss your case.

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