How a Personal Injury Lawyer Protects the Injured

Its not always about going to trial

According to a recent study, about 70% of personal injury plaintiffs receive some form of compensation. Some of it is through going to trial, but 96% of these cases are actually resolved through settlements. So, if these cases don’t go to trial, what difference could a lawyer possibly make?

Lawyers know how much their clients should be getting.

Personal injury attorneys are trained in dealing with insurance companies. The proof is in the statistics.

  • The average recovery without an attorney is $17,600.  A pretty good amount.

It might be enough to cover your bills, but most likely, you’ll still end up paying for medical bills, and car repairs out of pocket.

  • The average recovery with an attorney is $77,600.
  • That is over a 440% increase.

Don’t make mistakes

Another mistake people tend to make without the help of an attorney is taking the first settlement the insurance company offers.

  • The average first settlement is around $11,000.
  • However, the subsequent settlement offered is much higher.
  • $42,500 is the national average

Taking the first settlement leaves a lot of money on the table. Money a personal injury victim needs to pay for their damages.

Act Promptly and Protect Your Rights

Car accidents can lead to complex legal situations. To safeguard your interests, it’s essential to consult an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your injury. This helps you avoid potential problems with the statute of limitations applicable to your case. For instance, personal injury cases caused by negligence typically have a three-year window to file a claim, while some cases may have a two-year limitation.

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