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Podcasts are a go-to source of information and entertainment these days, and no matter what you’re interested in you’re sure to find an intriguing option to listen to during your commute or at the gym.

If you happen to be fascinated by legal topics, here are five podcasts you might want to subscribe to.

1. The popular “Ear Hustle” podcast examines the day-to-day life of those living behind bars at San Quentin State Prison in California. Its hosts are two inmates and a local artist who volunteers at the prison.

2. The University of Cincinnati School of Criminal Justice produces an informative podcast called “Criminal Justice Office Hours.” The topics covered include probation, cybercrime and the consequences of having a criminal record.

3. Harvard University throws its hat in the legal podcast ring with “Voir Dire: Conversations From the Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard Law School.” Led by a student attorney, this podcast features in-depth interviews with those on the front lines of criminal justice reform.

4. University of Pittsburgh law professor David Harris has hosted a podcast since 2015 called “Criminal Injustice.” The weekly show centers on the problems within the criminal justice system, including police use of force and racial discrimination.

5. Finally, for a compelling listen that focuses on the intricate details of human nature and the legal system, try “Serial.” In each season (two have aired so far), host Sarah Koenig works painstakingly to uncover the truth behind a mysterious crime.

Remember, none of these podcasts are a substitute for professional legal advice. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

5 Compelling Criminal Justice Podcasts

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